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Chinese-Language Service

service_china_190531.jpgKyodo has been offering its news in the Chinese language since February 2001 through its Internet-based website 《Gongtong Wang  (Kyodo Net)》.

In April 2005, Kyodo formally established its Chinese-Language News Service Section as its second, full-fledged foreign-language service, after English.

Since then, Kyodo has been sending out the news in three languages -- Japanese, English and Chinese -- aiming to cement its position as a leading Asia-based international news agency.

The Chinese-language news website offers some 40 stories and 10 photos daily. Selected news items are those that appeal to people who use the Chinese language, while the stories are written from objective and fair perspectives.

Most stories focus on Japanese events and Sino-Japanese relations. They include not only straight news but also news focus and news analysis.

Besides translating many articles appearing in Kyodo's Japanese-language service, staff members of the section also cover some important stories themselves.

At present, subscribers include Chinese-language media and organizations in Japan as well as overseas. We are seeking to widen the service area, including in mainland China.


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