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Privacy Policy

Kyodo News (hereinafter referred to as Kyodo) fully recognizes the importance of personal information and complies with laws pertaining to the protection of personal information. In addition, Kyodo has established a privacy policy here so as not to unjustly violate individual rights and/or personal interests.

Kyodo will handle personal information (except that which Kyodo collects, uses and possesses as part of its reporting and writing operations) in accordance with this policy.

1. Collection of personal information

  Kyodo will collect personal information in an appropriate and fair manner after clearly specifying the purpose of use.

2. Use of personal information

  Personal information collected by Kyodo will be used within the specified purposes. If Kyodo uses the information beyond the specified purposes, Kyodo will obtain the consent of identifiable persons beforehand and will not provide the information to a third party without the consent of such identifiable persons (with the exception of cases otherwise stipulated by law).

3. Management of personal information

  Kyodo will maintain the accuracy of personal information and keep such information up-to-date. Kyodo will take security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized access, loss, falsification and leakage among others.

4. Disclosure, amendment, discontinuance of use of personal information

  Kyodo will disclose personal information to an identical individual when requested by the person identifiable by personal data in our possession after verifying identity unless there is a legal ground for nondisclosure (except personal information collected for the purpose of reporting). When requested for amendment of the content, addition, deletion or discontinuance of the use of personal information, Kyodo will take necessary measures after studying such a request and concluding that there is a reasonable reason for the request.

5. Contact point for inquiries

  You are kindly requested to contact the following office if you have inquiries about disclosure procedures for personal information or other questions. Kyodo will kindly ask you to make any request pertaining to personal information only in writing by mail in principle. Kyodo's responses will be also made only in writing by mail as a general rule.

Privacy Policy Office, Legal Affairs Section, Kyodo News
Shiodome Media Tower
1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato Ward, Tokyo
105-7201 Japan

6. Handling of personal information collected via Kyodo Websites

  Subscribers to paid online services on the Kyodo Websites and applicants to online help-wanted or other ads are requested to register their personal information with Kyodo for the purposes clearly specified beforehand. Registered information shall not be used for any purpose other than those clearly specified beforehand.

(1) Use of paid pages on KYODO NEWS ON THE WEB (English service)

  If you wish to subscribe to KYODO NEWS ON THE WEB, you are requested to register your personal information such as name, address and telephone number. Kyodo will use the registered information to charge, provide various services, and upgrade and improve its services. The administrator at Kyodo will strictly safeguard the personal information to prevent it from being leaked to outsiders. Please refer to privacy policy posted on the KYODO NEWS ON THE WEB as well.

(2) Applications

  Kyodo may request you to register your personal information such as name, address and telephone number, when you apply for recruitment of researchers and part-timers and other various ads. The administrator in charge will strictly safeguard the registered information. Kyodo will use the registered information only for the purpose specified when Kyodo asks for registration. Kyodo may disclose necessary information to outside businesses when Kyodo outsources researches etc. to such businesses. Even in such cases, the registered information shall not be used for any purpose other than the specified ones.

(3) Others

  Kyodo will request you to give your name, address and other personal data to confirm facts and clarify where responsibility lies, when you apply for reprinting news articles or making links to the Kyodo Websites. Kyodo's section in charge will responsibly handle the personal data to prevent their leakage to outsiders.

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