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What's Kyodo?

KYODO NEWS, founded in November 1945 as a nonprofit cooperative organization, is the leading news agency in Japan. Kyodo covers accurately and promptly the ever-changing developments in Japan and the rest of the world, distributing news around the clock to domestic and overseas news media as well as international organizations and institutions. Most Japanese newspapers and broadcasting stations subscribe to Kyodo.

Operating with an annual budget from membership dues and other subscription revenues, Kyodo is completely independent of government and commercial interests.

It has built a reputation as the most reliable, integrated news agency in Japan, distributing not only news stories but also photos, graphics, audio and video scripts. As one of the most influential news agencies in Asia, Kyodo offers English-language and Chinese-language services in addition to Japanese-language service.

Facts about Kyodo (July 2018)

Employees some 1,700
Domestic Bureaus 51
Overseas Bureaus 41
Average daily Japanese-language output 28,000 lines
(equivalent to 70-80 newspaper pages)
Average daily photos & graphics 300
Ships receiving FAX news about 800
Member newspapers, NHK 56
Broadcasting stations 111
Subscribing newspapers 12
Average daily English-language stories 150
English-language service subscribers about 40 in Japan
about 50 overseas


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